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2017 TAZ Coaching Staff



* Please Note: The swimmers that have an email address listed next to their name are available for private lessons. The head coach will be unavailable for private lessons.*





Jenn Soto









Zach Closson





Morgan Jones


  • Background : I have been apart of the team for 14 years.  I'm currently attending San Jose State University. GO TAZ!

  • Experience : I'm stoked for another great summer of swim team! I'm excited to continue to be apart of it now as an assistant coach.


Will Kirk





Nick Kramer



Jon Radcliff


  • Background : I swam competitively for over 15 years and have coached off and on throughout the years. I grew up in Folsom where I began my swimming career. After graduating high school I went on to swim for the University of the Pacific.

  • Experience : I set a school record in the 200 I.M. and won several events at the Big West Conference Championship throughout my four years of college. I moved to El Dorado Hills last year and am excited about coaching for TAZ. I truly enjoying giving back to a sport that has given me so much.



Jack Davidson


  • Background :  Jack Davidson has been swimming for the TAZ over the last 14 seasons. Jack has competed on the Oak Ridge Varsity Swim Team and Water Polo team for 4  years, while being captain his senior year. Jack has also worked as a lifeguard the past 2 years. Lastly, Jack is very excited for his last season on TAZ, and is looking forward to competing as a swimmer but also coaching the younger swimmers to learn proper technique, good sportsmanship, and to bring home another TAZ championship.

  • Experience : He has been coaching for the TAZ for the past 4 years. He has been teaching private lessons the past 5 years and plans to continue again this season.







Ethan Abraham


  • Background : I have been swimming since I was a 6 and under and I have continued to swim throughout my life.

  • Experience: I coached last season of TAZ. I truly enjoy coaching and experiencing the hopefully not rare moment of understanding dawn the swimmer's faces.



Nima Afshar


  • Background : Hey everyone! I'm really excited for my 6th and final year of TAZ and I can't wait to jump back in the pool with all of you so we can take on PT and win champs this year!

  • Experience : I've been swimming with TAZ and Oak Ridge High School for 6 years and some of my fondest memories were made right at the CSD, swimming with all my teammates! I will soon be attending UC Irvine so I hope this swim season will be the best yet!


Forrest Jack Burton

  • Background : I'm a sophomore at Oak Ridge High School. 2017 is going to be my 5th year swimming with TAZ. I have a passion for swimming and helping others improve.

  • Experience : I've been coaching now for a year and have learned a lot about helping people become better swimmers. I enjoy seeing kids improve and admire the hard work and dedication that each of them displays in the pool.    





Terry Chen




  • Background: My name is Terry Chen. I am 17 years old, and my favorite sport is swimming! I have been swimming on the Taz Swim Team since I was 6 years old, so this is my tenth consecutive year on Taz.  I also enjoy listening to music, playing with my dog, and hanging out with friends. Swimming has been a huge part of my life. I've spent hundreds of hours in the sport to train, perfect technique, and coach other kids to improve as well. My favorite events are the 100 breastroke, 100 IM, and the 50 free.

  • Experience: this is my second year as a coach on Taz, so I have gone through the drill once before and I'm determined to do even better this year. My goals this summer are to improve my own personal records (sub-23 seconds on 50 free...I got this...) and help other kids grow to love the sport and swim as fast as they possibly can. We are going to have a fantastic summer! GO TAZ!





Raghubir Chimni



  • Background: I have been swimming for 7 summers with the EDH TAZ. Besides TAZ, I also swim for the Oak Ridge Swim Team for the past 2 years.

  • Experience: I can be reached at (916) 509-2220 or rchimni@outlook.com for private lessons

Ellie Crook

  • Background:  I have been swimming for TAZ for the past 6 years.

  • Experience: I am going into my junior year at Oak Ridge and am super excited for my first year of coaching TAZ!





Gabi Costamagna


  • Background : This is my 14th season on TAZ! I have coached TAZ for 4 years.

  • Experience : I have been part of the Special Olympic Swim coaches for 5 years. I love TAZ and I have made some of my favorite memories because of this team. I can't wait for my last swim season on TAZ! It's going to be a blast!



Sophia Costamagna




  • Background: I started competing with Taz when I was four and my favorite summer memories are with this team. I've been coaching special Olympics for the past five years. I'm 15 years old  and a freshman at ponderosa high school. GO TAZ!

  • Experience: I LOVE Taz. This is my second year coaching and I'm super excited for this swim season.



Drew Davidson




  • Background : I have been swimming for 12 years now.

  • Experience : I have coached for 3 years and love to work with kids. My favorite stroke is backstroke. My specialty is working on technique for starts, turns and finishes.

Dominic Alfonso Liongson



  • Background : I am finishing my sophomore year and I am going into my junior year this 2017 summer. I have been on TAZ since I was 10 and I have had many swimming experiences since then and on the Oak Ridge swim team as well. Aside from swimming I love the outdoors. I spend most of my free time from swimming doing something outdoors, like camping or hiking.

  • Experience : I am a new coach for TAZ.


Analise Mulert



  • Background : I have been on TAZ swim team for 10 years (since I was 6 years old) and I have loved every second of it.

  • Experience : I have a passion for helping kids learn how to become better swimmers. I was a coach last season and I always put in my best effort. I built so many amazing connections with swimmers and I am so excited for this season. Go TAZ!!!



Max Platt



  • Background: I began swimming for TAZ when I was 6 years old.  At 11 years old I took a 2-year break from swimming, but returned last year excited and rejuvenated for the sport.  I also love water polo and play for both Oak Ridge and the local water polo club team.  

  • Experience: I have coached one clinic with TAZ.



Cameron Phen





  • Background : This will be my last summer here before I go off to college. I started out swimming on TAZ as a 6 & under. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and traveling.

  • Experience : I have taught swim lessons before, but this will be my first year as a TAZ swimmer coach.

Jordan Phen





  • Background: My name is Jordan Phen. I will be a Senior at Oak Ridge High School in the Fall. My favorite stroke is breaststroke and my favorite event is either the Individual Medley or 50 Breaststroke.

  • Experience: I have been swimming on TAZ for at least seven years now and I started coaching in the beginning of 2015. I am excited for the season and can't wait to make new connections in the wonderful TAZ environment!

Ellen Smolarski




  • Background: I have been apart of the TAZ swim team for 10 years now and I have enjoyed every moment.

  • Experience: I began coaching last year and had a great experience sharing my love and knowledge of swimming with others. I look forward to this upcoming year and helping improve our team! Go Taz!

Kevin Taylor



  • Background : I am very excited to compete this season as a 17 year old. I have played water polo and been on swim team for the past 4 years of high school, and I will continue to swim (for club/recreationally) in college.

  • Experience : This is my second year as a swimmer coach and to help other swimmers improve their strokes! Go TAZ!!

Caleb Thoms






  • Background: I am a student at Oak Ridge High School. I am in the graduating class of 2019 and am very involved with school, sports, and work. This year has been my second year playing water polo for Oakridge and also swimming for Oakridge.

  • Experience: I really enjoy working with kids and to help teach what I love doing. This is my second year of coaching for taz. I coached last summer, fall, and spring.

Ryan Thoms




  • Background:   Hi my name is Ryan and I'm excited to be coaching with Taz this year! I'm a senior in high school and have been swimming for over 13 years both recreationally for EDH Taz and competitively for the Sierra Marlins.

  • Experience:  For 3 years I've worked as a private swim instructor teaching kids how to better their technique and fundamental swimming skills and I'm looking forward to bringing my experience to TAZ this coming summer.

Cole Tilley



  • Background: I am a senior now and have swam all four years in high school and have gone to sections all four years as well.

  • Experience: I have been coaching since my freshman year in high school and volunteering before that. I love coaching and the team is my family.


Lauren Tilley


  • Background : I'm so excited to coach for TAZ!! I have been swimming for this team since I was 5 years old and have so many good memories

  • Experience : I'm looking forward to sharing my love and knowledge of this sport with the kids                

Kyle Tomaszewski



  • Background : I have been swimming on TAZ every year since I was 6 years old. I am a senior at Oak Ridge High School. I am excited about this season and champs.

  • Experience : I am excited to be a swimmer coach for the first time this year.



Sydney Williams