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Champs Rally & Dinner

July 25, 2013 (05:00 PM) - July 25, 2013 (08:00 PM)
July 21, 2013
July 23, 2013
(this is a team hosted event)


Champs Rally & Dinner Details


Please sign up in advance (online) so we can

plan enough food for all!


It’s time to get charged up for Champs!!


The Annual Champs Rally and Dinner will be held at the CSD Pavilion & Patio on Thursday, July 25. Sign up online (just like a swim meet – please indicate the number of people attending). This is a fun event for the entire team and their families. Please sign up online and purchase your meals early so we will have a head-count. Questions should be directed to Vanessa Nichols, fournichols@comcast.net .


Rally 5:00 pm:   Events will include car window painting, poster painting, nail painting, tattoos, and custom TAZ haircuts (see below).


In keeping with TAZ tradition, at the end of the festivities, the coaching staff will retrieve the sacred TAZ pool water to pour into the Champs pool during opening ceremonies.


Dinner 6:00 pm:   Dinner tickets are $5 per person. Swimmers and children age 5 and under eat free. Make checks payable to EDH Swim Team.


Dinner will include pasta with meat or plain butter sauce, garlic bread, Antipasto salad, green salad, water, and popsicles. If you prefer something else to drink, you may bring your own. Rally meals will be sold on the pool deck during afternoon practice next week. Meals may be purchased at the door, however, we prefer you purchase your meals in advance.


Custom TAZ Haircuts by Barber Tom Cost: $TBA

If you are interested in a TAZ cut (see attached pictures), please respond to Vanessa ASAP, at fournichols@comcast.net .  We need a count to make it worth having Barber Tom come to the rally!





    TAZ Haircut 2.jpg
    TAZ Haircut 1.jpg
    TAZ Haircut 2.jpg
    TAZ Haircut 1.jpg