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July 26, 2013 (02:00 PM) - July 28, 2013 (05:00 PM)
July 12, 2013
July 25, 2013
(this is a team hosted event)


This is our Championship Meet..... the biggest and best meet of our season. All swimmers are encouraged and expected to attend this meet.


New this year. All Champs entries will be done ONLINE. The deadline for Champs entries is 5:00 p.m., Friday, July 10, 2013.

Especially if you are unfamiliar with the 3-day Champs Meet, please read all of the information below!

Log onto the TAZ website and click the Attend/Decline button next to the CHAMPS meet listed on the Home page. This will take you to the Athlete Signup page. Please commit or decline for EACH of your swimmers.

Please check all events in which you desire entry. Swimmers may only enter ONE of the two freestyle events. Check EITHER the Short Free OR the Long Free.

When committing your athlete(s) to the Champs Meet, you thereby agree to the Champs Eligibility Statement.

Champs Eligibility Statement:

I hereby attest that the committed swimmer has or will have participated in a minimum of three EDH dual meets prior to the League Championship Meet. I understand that failure to participate in a minimum of three dual meets prior to Champs means that the above swimmer is ineligible to participate in Champs unless a waiver is approved by the SSL Executive Board.

Questions about Champs entries may be directed to Laura Buehler, ljwhitney@hotmail.com

League Championship Meet Entry Information

Print this page and retain it for your information about the Champs meet.

Dates :The dates for SSL League Championship Meet are July 26th through July 28th at Sierra College. See the club website for directions to Sierra College.

Friday, July 26th:  Individual Medley Preliminaries

Saturday, July 27th: IM Finals, Freestyle and Backstroke Prelims and Finals, Medley Relay finals

Sunday, July 28th: Breast and Fly Prelims and Finals, Free Relay Finals

Eligibility and Waivers : To be eligible to participate in the League Championship meet, swimmers must have participated in a minimum of three of the seven dual meets held during the regular season.

Families or swimmers who will not or MAY NOT achieve participation in the required three dual meets may file a waiver request with the SSL Executive Board. Waivers are due to the EDH SSL Representative, Anthony Chavez, no later than July 10, 2014. Upon grant of waiver by the SSL Executive board, the swimmer will be allowed to participate in Champs. Swimmers petitioning for waiver are NOT eligible until the waiver request is granted by the SSL Executive Board.

The Champs waiver form is attached to the SSL Policy 505-1 document available on the club website. See the Documents tab for the policy. The policy describes the waiver process and the general conditions under which waiver applications will be favorably considered.

Families who anticipate the need for an SSL waiver should file champs entries normally using the form on page 1. Submit entries by Friday, July 12th.  Requests for waivers are due Wednesday, July 10th.

Entries : Swimmers are eligible to enter individual events in all stroke series and disciplines. However, swimmers may only select ONE of the two freestyle events.

Participants at Champs may never swim up in a higher age group. All entrants must swim in their normal age group. The 15-16 and 17-18 swimmers will swim in their own age groups at Champs.

Relays will be selected and submitted by the coaching staff on the day of the Relay Finals. There are no preliminary relay events, only event finals.

Consolation Finals : The SSL will conduct Consolation Finals for age groups 11-12 and LOWER. There will be NO Consolation Finals for swimmers age 13 years and higher.

Event Finals and Scratches : Under League Rules, swimmers who qualify for a Consolation Final or an Event Final MUST notify the meet Referee of his/her intent to withdraw from that Final.  By rule, swimmers who miss an Event Final or Consolation Final without providing notification will be barred from competing in the remainder of the meet. Parents or swimmers who desire to withdraw from an Event Final must notify the Referee and the League Rep no later than 45 minutes prior to the Event Final.

Parking Passes : Event parking passes will be available for purchase separately. Look for details on the club website.