Taz Parent Responsibilities


Parent participation is what makes our program function! A swim meet is a large event… it takes a minimum of 100 parent-volunteers to staff a home meet. When we are the visiting team, we will need 40 parent-volunteers to help run the meet. All of the men and women who help run our meets are parent volunteers.


Because of the dependence on volunteer support, we require each TAZ family to contribute a minimum of 15 hours of time during the dual-meet season and a minimum number of hours (TBD) to cover the team's shifts at Championships. Because there are many swimmers that we have to turn away each season due to impacted age groups, families that do not complete their volunteer hours are at risk of not being invited to return to the team except by way of open registration. The EDH TAZ program is highly regarded and well known throughout the community, and each year we have more requests for participation than we can support.


Parents may sign up for jobs online at the team website, www.edhtaz.org. You will also be able to track the number of volunteer hours completed as the season progresses. Updates are made on a regular basis. Please make sure to identify any discrepancies and report them to the committee chair in charge of the job for which you volunteered.


For a list of volunteer jobs, click the Team Info tab, then click Volunteer Jobs. Most jobs require only a willingness to help! Please get involved! Many of our jobs have front row seats! If you need further explanation of what a job might entail, click the Team Info tab, then click Team Chairpersons to find the name of the committee chair for that job and then email them by clicking on their name.