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Practice Schedule

2018 TAZ Swim Practice Schedule and Format Overview

With a team of 400+ swimmers and a wide range of skills within each age group, it is a challenge every season for the TAZ coaching staff to get 400+ swimmers the technique work they need to personally to progress in the sport. The coaching staff is introducing a new practice format based on swimming ability and NOT the age of the swimmer.  The coaches believe this will improve instruction and allow swimmers to build their confidence in the water while improving overall technique.

Ability, or leveled, practices give coaches the opportunity to focus on kids’ personal needs by placing swimmers in groups with similar developmental levels. With such a large team, and impacted age groups like 7/8s and 9/10s, practices are a challenge because the range of swimmer abilities within each age group. The purpose and goal of this new format is to allow the Head Coach to develop swimmers that need extra technique work within each stroke and keep the pace moving for the other swimmers who need less technique emphasis. The leveled practice format will give the coaches a chance to individualize technique work for each group.

Deck coaches will be observing the first few weeks of practices to ensure that all swimmers are placed in the proper level. Please note: swimmers can move up and down levels throughout the season, as needed. If a coach sees a swimmer in a level that is clearly too fast paced and above their developmental ability, parents will be contacted to have that swimmer placed in the proper level.

What group best fits your swimmer?

Please carefully review the ability/level breakdowns below. Parents should select the group that best fits their swimmer(s).  Coaches want the swimmers to learn the strokes at their own pace, which is what the group ability practices emphasize. If the coaching staff feels as though a swimmer would benefit in a faster paced group, then they will speak with the parents and move the swimmer to the appropriate group. The same goes for a swimmer who would benefit from moving to a lower level to fine tune a specific stroke and/or techniques.

Please note: It is in your swimmer’s best interest to put him/her into a group that matches his/her swimming ability.

Level 1 - This group is open to 10 & Under swimmers ONLY

  • All 6 & Under swimmers unless approved by Head Coach
  • New swimmers with little to no swim team experience
  • Swimmers that struggle with their freestyle and backstroke with consistent Disqualifications in these strokes at meets
  • Swimmer coaches will be in the water for this group 

Level 2 - This group is open to ALL age swimmers

  • This group will be stroke technique focused
  • All swimmers in this level are proficient at freestyle and backstroke
  • Designed for swimmers with consistent Disqualifications in the same stroke
  • Swimmers 11+ with little to no swim team experience will benefit from this level
  • Swimmer coaches will be in the water for this group

Level 3 - This group is open to ALL age swimmers

  • Swimmers that are proficient in all four strokes with very few Disqualifications in any one stroke
  • Designed for swimmers that are competitive and want to work hard in practices with minimal technique work needed in each stroke
  • All swimmers in this group are proficient in flip turns and circle swimming
  • Will learn how to work on intervals off the pace clock
  • 13+ swimmers new to the team with very little swim experience
  • Minimal (in the water) swimmer coach help with this Group

Level 4 - This group is for 11+ swimmers ONLY

  • Fast moving practice mostly working off the time clock on intervals
  • Most advanced swimmers with many years of swimming experience under their belt. These swimmers have swum with a USA Swimming Club or are on their High School Swim Team
  • MUST be proficient in all four strokes with little to no disqualifications in meets

If you have questions about the practice in which your swimmer will excel, please email us, info@edhtaz.org.