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Team Suits 2018

TAZ Team Suit Information

We have a new team suit this year (the first year of a two-year cycle).  All swimmers are encouraged to wear the team suit as it is part of the team uniform. Ordering information and pricing will be available during suit sizing, or you can click on the “TAZ Team Store” tab on the TAZ website and scroll down to the Speedo Launch Splice Endurance suit in navy and gold.  All team suits will be ordered individually online.   Due to the fact that all suit styles fit differently, all swimmers are encouraged to attend a suit sizing to determine the proper size, prior to placing an order.  All sizing suits must be tried on dry swimmers, over another swim suit.  New this year, each swimmer will receive a silicon TAZ cap with registration.  The team cap is also part of the team uniform.  Personalized caps may be ordered online with the emailed Google form and paid for during the suit sizing.

Suit Sizing Days


All team suit questions can be directed to Tori Klein, toriakleinlaw@gmail.com.