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Info - New Families


New families who are accepted on the team should see the Family Guide tab on the team website. This tab contains comprehensive information about the team, practices, meets, champs, etc.
Q: How do we sign up?
A: New families must register during the Open Registration period.  Click Membership Info on the left menu bar to find out the dates for Open Registration. The club offers on-line registration only.  Instructions for registration are located on the Registration Info page.   
Q: How do I know if there will be spaces available for my child?
A: The team limits the number of swimmers in each age group category. Priority is given to returning swimmers. The number of remaining spaces will be offered to new families at Open Registration. If there are more requests than spaces available in a certain age group, the available spaces will be allocated via first come, first served. 
Q: What is Pre-Registration?
A: Families returning to the team an invited to pre-register their swimmers for the upcoming season. Pre-registration will occur concurrently with Open Registration, but priority is given to returning swimmers. New families who join the team will be invited to pre-register the following season. A pre-requisite for pre-registration is that the returning family’s account must be in good standing. 
Q: What age group will my swimmer participate with?
A: The “age up” date is June 15th. Your swimmer will participate with the age group appropriate for his or her age on June 15th. Our age groups are: 6&Under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18. 
Q: We have older swimmers on the team, but a new swimmer joining this year.  What registration should we use?
A: Since you have swimmers returning to the team, you are invited to pre-register your swimmers, including new siblings, provided that your account is in good standing Your new sibling is considered a new swimmer and is subject to the first come first served process.  
Q: How much does it cost to register?
A: Registration fees are currently $285 for the first swimmer, $260 for the second swimmer, and $235 per swimmer for the third and so on.  The club Board continues to offer a promotional program for 17-18 year old swimmers.  Under this program, 17-18 year old swimmers can register for $75 provided that they agree to participate in selected events.  The details of this promotion can be found on the Documents tab of the website.
Q: When are practices?
A: Practices begin Monday April 30, 2012. Reminders about the first day of practice are posted on the website.  April and May practices are generally held in the afternoon between 3 pm and 7:30 pm.  6&U swimmers generally practice for 45 minutes. Older swimmers may work out for an hour or longer.  The actual practice schedule is determined by the coaching staff and will be published on the web site.  New families should anticipate that their siblings may have different practice times.  Though the coaching staff tries to keep the younger age groups together, this cannot always be accommodated.  
Once summer vacation begins (generally end of May or early June), the team begins running split practice schedules. The split schedule means that the team offers both morning and afternoon practices.  Swimmers should attend one of the practices, but it is OK if families decide to participate in both (though this is not mandatory).  
Q: How many practices do we need to attend?
A: The team expects that swimmers will practice three days a week in order to compete in the meet that weekend.  If you have a conflict during a given week that will prevent you from making three practices, please discuss the situation with the coaching staff.  
Q: When are the meets?
A: The meet schedule begins in mid-May with Mock Meet.  Mock Meet is a practice meet that serves many purposes.  It allows coaches to evaluate swimmers in race conditions. It provides swimmers an opportunity to get comfortable with racing – before the first dual meet – which is important for younger swimmers.  Lastly, it gives parents a practice at setting up and running the meets before the real meets begin.  
Our first meet is generally at the beginning of June. We swim 7 league dual meets between the end of May and Mid-July.  During the season, all clubs are off for the July 4th holiday.  Three or four of our meets are away. Three or four meets are at home.  
League Championships are held at Sierra College at the end of July.  
Q: How do we manage summer vacations around the meet schedule?
A: The meet schedule is published on the website when registration opens to allow families to plan vacations. However, sometimes families need to miss meets for special events or pre-planned vacations.  The league requires that swimmers participate in three out of the six dual meets in order to be eligible for League Championships, which is the culminating event of the season.  Swimmers who cannot or do not attend three dual meets must file an application for waiver from the league in order to participate in Champs.  Waivers generally must be filed by July 4th
Q: What is Champs?
A: Champs is the Suburban Swim League (SSL) League Championship Meet.  Champs is the culminating event of the season. It runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening on “Champs Weekend”.  At this meet, all teams in the SSL compete for the League Championship.  Although not required, all swimmers are encouraged to attend Champs.
Q: Does the team require parents to volunteer?
A: Yes, very much so.  It takes quite a few people to setup, run, and clean up from our meets.  We depend heavily on parent volunteers to help with almost all of our team operations during the year.  Families are expected to contribute at least 15 hours of volunteer time during the regular season and a minimum number of hours of volunteer time at Champs.  This commitment is “per family”, not “per swimmer.” Parents who do not fulfill their obligation for volunteer hours will have their account placed into suspended status and will not be allowed to pre-register returning swimmers for the following season.  
Q: How do we manage our volunteer time and make sure we’ve met the requirements?
A: When you log in to the team website, you will be able to see how many hours of volunteer credit you have received.  When you log in, look under My Account and click the link My Invoice/Payment. There will be a tab called Volunteer Hours which will show your hours credit for the season. Please note that it is the family’s responsibility to make sure the volunteer obligation is met!