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How to Log In

This page contains instructions regarding how to log into the team website.  In order to log in, you need a username and password. 

Your username is the e-mail address currently listed in your account.  New families should use the e-mail address used during the registration process. 

Families must request a password from the system in order to log in.  The procedure to request a password is:

1.  Click the Sign In button on the web site (immediately below Home on the menu bar).

2.  On the sign in page, please input the e-mail address that you used in the volunteer system last season.  New families should use the e-mail address entered on-line during the registration process.    

3. Leave the password blank. 

4. Below the password is a link that says "Click here to request your password."  The system will send out a new e-mail to you with an auto generated temporary password. 

4.  Sign into the site with that password, then click the "Change Password" link in the menu bar to change your password.

If you no longer have access to the email you used in  last season please press the contact button and update us with your new email address.


Q:  I've entered my e-mail address and requested a password, but the system will not issue a password to me.  What do I do?

A:  There are two reasons for the message.  The system does not recognize your e-mail address.  The web site will only issue passwords to accounts that it recognizes.  Second, your account may be in suspended status.  The site will only issue passwords to accounts in good standing.  Please contact the team by clicking Contact.  

Q:  I don't remember my e-mail from last season.  How do I reset it?

A:  Click Contact and send the team your new e-mail account.  The team webmasters will reset your e-mail address.  Repeat the log in procedure by requesting a password from the site.   

Q:  My e-mail address is changing.  How do I change my e-mail address in the system so that I do not lose access to the site?

A:  Log in using your regular e-mail address.  Click My Account on the left menu bar.  Update your account information to reflect your NEW e-mail address.  Your new e-mail address will be effective when you save changes to your account information.